Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store Sauer's products?

The life of all our spices, extracts, flavorings, food colors, seasoning envelopes and baking bags can best be preserved by storing them in ideal conditions. These include dark, dry, and cool locations with limited exposure to light, moisture, and heat. Extended light exposure will cause your green herbs to fade to a tan color and your red spices to darken to a brown color. Avoid shaking spices out of the jar directly over a steaming pot – moisture and heat can cause clumping. We suggest shaking the spices into your palm before adding to food that is being cooked, as this keeps your spice jar away from heat and moisture. Also avoid storing spices over the stove, sink, or other heat and/or steam producing kitchen appliances.

How do you read the date codes and where are they located on the jar?

We use a Julian date for our production codes. If the code has four numbers followed by a letter, then the first number is the year and the next three are the day of the year. The letter stands for which plant it was produced in. A code of 6212R means it was produced on July 31, 2006 in our Richmond plant. If the code has five numbers followed by a letter, then the first two numbers are the year and the next three are the day of the year. The letter stands for which plant it was produced in. A code of 10027R means it was produced on January 27, 2010 in our Richmond plant. Date codes can be located on the back of the jar printed on the clear plastic, not the paper label.

What is the recommended shelf life for Sauer's products?

The recommended shelf life for our products is:

- Spices and seasonings: 3 years
- Extracts (except Vanilla Extract) and food colorings: 4 years
- Vanilla Extract: indefinite

Spices and seasonings never go bad, they simply decrease in potency over time. There are no health concerns associated with using spices and seasonings past their optimal shelf life date.

How can I tell if my spices and seasonings are still fresh?
Keep in mind that you use seasonings to impart flavor to your recipes. Many spices should have very distinct aroma when opened. The proper flavor will not be in your completed dish if the aroma is not present (this is particularly true of “baking” spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice). Spices lose their flavor and aroma with time. If you are unsure of available flavor in your dried spices (Dill Weed, Italian Seasoning, Onion Powder, etc.), it is recommended that you hydrate in a teaspoon of warm water for 5 minutes, then taste or smell the product to check for flavor and freshness. Also, you can place some spice between your thumb and index finger and rub gently to see if it releases the fragrance that you are seeking. Fresh spices will have the proper color, taste, and smell.

Always check for these characteristics before adding to your favorite family recipes. Without the proper color, taste and smell in the spice, your recipe will not taste the way you expect.

What steps and measures toward sustainability has Sauer Brands, Inc. taken in order to maintain its business with minimal long-term effect on the environment?

SauerBrands, Inc. is committed to responsible business practices andexploring ways we can make our business more sustainable, including:

  • corrugated and white paper products wherever possible;
  • recycling plastic wrap wherever possible to minimize the amount of waste sent to landfills;
  • actively conserving energy by shutting off computers and otherappliances when not in use, and turning off lights when rooms are notoccupied;
  • reducing the use of plastic in containers wherever possible andlooking towards using fewer petroleum-based raw materials whilemaintaining the integrity of the products we make;
  • reducing our carbon footprint by using shipping and receivingoptions that incorporate full loads whenever possible to limit the useof fuel per load;
  • regularly evaluating sanitation procedures to implement propercleaning practices to minimize chemical residues sent to municipal watersystems;
  • constantly looking at examples of green practices as a model for our business to make less of an impact on the environment.

Are Sauer's products certified kosher?

Most all of Sauer’s products, with a few exceptions, have been certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. All Sauer’s products certified as kosher include the kosher “circle U” symbol on the label. Please contact us if you have questions about a particular product.

How do I create different colors with your egg dye kit?

Orange – 5 parts yellow + 1 part red
Aqua – 5 parts blue + 1 part green
Purple – 4 parts red + 1 part blue
Brown – 4 parts yellow + 3 parts red + 2 parts green

How do I color eggs with your Food Colors & Egg Dye kit?

Add one teaspoon of vinegar to half cup of boiling water. Drop enough food color into mixture to obtain desired shade. Immerse egg and remove when brightly colored.

Where can I find Sauer's Spicy BBQ Sauce?

Sauer’s Spicy BBQ Sauce is no longer available to consumers – it was discontinued in 2017.
Will Sauer’s products remain the same after The C.F. Sauer Company's acquisition?
Of course! We will continue to produce the high caliber of spices, seasonings, extracts, and more that you’ve come to expect from Sauer’s. There are no plans to change product formulations or discontinue any products.
Will Sauer’s products still be available at my local grocery store after The C.F. Sauer Company's acquisition?
Yes, you can continue purchasing Sauer’s in your local store. Visit our store locator or contact customer service to see which retailers near you carry Sauer’s products.
What is Falfurrias Capital Partners?
Falfurrias Capital Partners is a private equity firm based in Charlotte, N.C. Many of their employees grew up on Sauer’s products, so they are loyal fans.
Will the Sauer’s brand name change after The C.F. Sauer Company's acquisition?
No, the Sauer’s brand name that appears on products will remain the same. The C.F. Sauer Company adopted a new name as of August 1, 2019: Sauer Brands, Inc.
Will Sauer’s products still be produced at the existing plants in Richmond, V.A. after The C.F. Sauer Company's acquisition?
Yes, our talented team in Richmond will continue to produce Sauer’s products.
Will employees be affected by The C.F. Sauer Company’s sale?
Falfurrias wishes to retain all employees as they recognize the importance of employees’ dedication and expertise to Sauer’s continued success.
Can I call Sauer's?
Our toll-free number is 1 (888) 923-3562