Sour Cream & Onion
Sour Cream & OnionSour Cream & Onion

The cool, creamy taste of sour cream meets the zing of real onion for your popcorn. It’s not just for chips anymore.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kara McVey
Tasty but doesn't shake out well

I love sour cream and onion flavored things. I was hoping this would be just as delicious as potato chips or other things. It IS very delicious, however it doesn't come out the shaker very well. I think it's because the sour cream granules are a bit large and clump together in the shaker. I still encourage sour cream and onion lovers to give this a try. Popcorn never tasted so good!

James Winkler
Great for mixing

I love this flavor. Perhaps not on its own but in combination with other flavors.

I combine it with white cheddar to make a sort of Alfredo seasoning.

I combine it with nacho cheese to create "cheddar and sour cream".

Don't get how people can say it's not creamy. Perhaps they're not using enough? I use ratios of about 2:1 this to other flavors. And I'm liberal as hell with the seasoning, heart conditions be damned.

I honestly wish they had the jumbo containers for these. Wouldn't feel so bad about dumping a bunch of plastic in the garbage.

Hank Harmon
A Good Adjunct Flavor

You don't want this as your only flavor for popcorn; it's chalky in texture, and not terribly sour or creamy. However, it works nicely in conjunction with ranch and kettle corn, where it imparts texture and a hint of its namesake flavor. Great with other seasonings -- not so great by itself.

Penny Oppenheimer

Only place i can find my sour cream and onion flavoring!!! Love it.