Parmesan & White Truffle
Parmesan & White Truffle

Parmesan is the perfect finish to just about any dish, add in the delicious nuttiness of truffle and you've got a treat you won't forget.

In old Europe, the white truffle is expertly harvested, prized as a rare delicacy, and is typically reserved for the most elaborate culinary offerings. We have taken its warm, delicious flavor and transformed it into an irresistible companion to popcorn.

Our Parmesan & White Truffle Popcorn Seasoning a delectable blend organic Parmesan cheese and white truffle; with a delightful balance of onion, garlic and organic milk. This seasoning blend is designed to easily upgrade your popcorn or a weeknight dish.

Sprinkle this low-calorie Truffle Seasoning onto popcorn, french fries, pasta, pizza, salad, eggs, and vegetables. 

All of our Truffle Season’s products are Kosher, non-GMO and gluten-free