Sauer Brands, Inc. Foods offers an exceptional line of mayonnaise, pourable salad dressings, condiments, sauces, spices, extracts and flavorings. While a lot has changed since our founding in 1887, our commitment to exceptional quality has not

Sauer Brands, Inc. Foods offers all of this along with exceptional customer service, dedicated associates, and the guarantee of consistent manufacturing methods.

Sauer Brands, Inc. Foods services foodservice distributors nationwide. Our brand-name products are offered under a variety of labels including Duke’s, Sauer’s, Master Chef, Ambassador Gold, Trailblazer, and Louisiana Pride.

Sauer Brands, Inc. Foods manufactures an extensive assortment of private-label proprietary and custom formulas for leading foodservice distributors and restaurant concepts.

Excellence in Foodservice

Foodservice trends are constantly evolving. With our dedicated research & development staff, we are able to react to consumer expectations. We have strong abilities to match customized formulations or specifications. Our culinary staff stays abreast of developing trends so we can offer assistance when product offerings need refining. Whether you’re looking for…

  • Proprietary Formulas – Customized Specifications

  • Professional Chef Sauces and Gravies

  • Excellent BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces and Wing Sauces

  • Custom Packaging Capabilities

  • Gluten-Free

  • Low Sodium

  • Fat Free / Low Fat

  • No MSG


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Sauer Brands, Inc. is your go-to culinary resource.

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