The Spice Hunter + Food My Muse

The Spice Hunter is passionate about making globally-inspired, world class flavors accessible to home cooks. Nadia from Food My Muse brings fresh ideas to The Spice Hunter’s cookbook by creating recipes that blend global flavors and bold use of spices, to create masterpieces that are unique and intriguing to the palate.

We hope her ideas will encourage you to experiment with flavors and find new, creative ways to fold spices into your cooking, so that you can experience the authentic flavors that only world-class ingredients can deliver.

"Ever since childhood, I have seen and experienced the world through food. As the daughter of Syrian and Mexican parents, raised in the U.S., Mexico, and France, my table was colored with dishes combining the flavors of my blended heritage. By the age of 5, I had already begun discovering the joy of cooking. When we weren’t traveling or visiting abroad as a family, we brought our homeland and culture to life through our fusion at home. My food today is a reflection of this experience, bending and blending traditional dishes with fresh ingredients and unexpected spices for a savory new twist. 

I actually grew up in a professional kitchen. My father owned a restaurant, and I spent many years refining the spice blends, marinades, and creative flare that brought our menu to life. That experience taught me so much, and truly informed my elevated approach to home cooking. 

My style is simple yet refined and at the reach of everyone who has a passion for food. I take pride in knowing that my platform can inspire others to embark on their own culinary journey and discover what cooking means to them. 

For me, it is my form of creative expression. It is the way I connect with the world and with people around me- especially my family. At its base, it is just my way of living. I started FoodMyMuse as a means to infuse my life with my passion and hopefully help others to do the same."

Photo courteous of Nadia Aidi, Professional Chef

Nadia’s Current Spice Rack