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The Spice Hunter is passionate about making globally-inspired, world class flavors accessible to home cooks. Nadia from Food My Muse brings fresh ideas to The Spice Hunter’s cookbook by creating recipes that blend global flavors and bold use of spices, to create masterpieces that are unique and intriguing to the palate.

We hope her ideas will encourage you to experiment with flavors and find new, creative ways to fold spices into your cooking, so that you can experience the authentic flavors that only world-class ingredients can deliver.

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Charcuterie boards are one of my favorite things to make when I am hosting and these are my tips on putting one together:

•    Spice up your own nuts to make it special, it is one of those low effort high reward things…you can also play around with flavors and I love it. In this case I used Smoky Turmeric, Saigon Cinnamon & Smoky Chili by The Spice Hunter with a bit of sugar and salt.

•   Only add garnishes or things in there that make sense, for instance the grapes I chose, they add color but also act as a palate cleanser in between cheese tastings.

•    I love adding fun combinations that guests might not make for themselves regularly like the blue cheese and honeycomb, manchego cheese & ate de membrillo (quince paste) and my absolute favorite the build your own pan con tomate with jamon serrano and olive oil.

•    Have fun with it, do pretty things like a rosette out of salami or pick fun crackers to go with it.

•   Always set it up a bit ahead of time so the cheese is eaten room temperature and not cold.

•   My rule of thumb is always having a semi hard cheese (gruyere), a soft & creamy (brie), a blue cheese, a goat cheese (Humboldt fog) and a hard cheese (parmigiano regiano or manchego).

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